New offices on the Düsseldorf campus and start pilot project #New Ways of Working

28 June 2021

Just in time for the 10th METRO PROPERTIES birthday, the new offices can be moved into. They were designed and implemented by the colleagues at METRO PROPERTIES themselves. Most of the furnishings from the previous offices at Lake Albertus were taken over.

Opening of the new METRO PROPERTIES offices

Christian Baier, CFO METRO AG, warmly welcomes METRO PROPERTIES to the Campus and opens the office together with representatives of METRO PROPERTIES.

Due to COVID-19 security regulations, it remained for the time being with a virtual opening ceremony and first insights for all colleagues in front of the monitors.

Jean-Christophe Bretxa, CEO of METRO PROPERTIES, comments: "I am delighted that we are moving into our new office just in time for our 10th METRO PROPERTIES birthday this year. I am very proud that this new office was designed and implemented by our colleagues. Most of the furnishings from our previous office at Lake Albertus can be found here. Office equipment that we could not use has found another home. For us, the campus is the ideal place because we are physically closer to METRO, our core business. In addition, the METRO Campus is also one of the largest project developments of METRO PROPERTIES."

The move marks the start of a six-month pilot project on the expansion to "Flexible Work". Employees could choose between three Flexible Work models, i.e. from one to four working days of "Flexible Work" per calendar week is possible.

Project manager Michael Gottschalk explains the new concept with five open home zones, various individual offices and phone booths as well as lounges and team workplaces as follows: "Our new office will be a place of inspiration for almost 130 colleagues in Düsseldorf. It is built according to the office concept of "Activity Based Working". Our concept is characterised, among other things, by the fact that the individual employee no longer has a fixed workplace and rigid room structures are dissolved. In this way, it offers employees the possibility to flexibly choose the optimal workplace for the respective activity. The aim of the office concept is to create activity-based workplaces to promote performance and creativity."

The workplace can be booked in advance via app or spontaneously on site.

"Be7" is what the staff have christened the new office. Be7 stands for bridge 7 and the many opportunities to meet, to create with each other, to exchange ideas, to get projects off the ground. The office of the future stands for cohesion, innovation, enthusiasm, openness, flexibility, diversity, tolerance, cooperation, exchange and community. Here we want to work together, shape our #Newgether and experience a new togetherness!

For this purpose, the project "Be7_Office Culture" has been launched. All employees are invited to create a place of openness and encounter through feedback, exchange of opinions and ideas.

Sustainability is also a priority at METRO PROPERTIES. Many things from the previous office at Lake Albertus have been moved with it and tables, chairs, cupboards, kitchens, ceiling panels, logos, lounge furniture, lamps and media walls are being reused.

Sustainability also played a major role in the choice of materials, so the new carpeting is CO2-neutral. Furthermore, motion sensors for smart lighting control have been installed in Be7.

In the last few weeks, as the renovation work entered the hot phase of implementation, the colleagues at METRO Campus Service, who were responsible for the complete site management on site and for the coordination, quality control and adherence to deadlines of all trades on site, including the acceptance and measurement checks, managed the process. The service team also assisted with the final touches and took over the post-move work. Many thanks to our colleagues!