Adana - The next generation of Shopping Centres

The M1 Adana shopping centre sets standards. It is now an attractive shop- ping location, having been extensively modernised and expanded.

First opened in 2000, M1 Adana is the largest and most popular shopping centre serving the Turkish city of Adana and the region. To maintain its mar- ket leadership, improve the quality of the customers’ time in the centre and meet all the requirements of modern-day life, METRO PROPERTIES planned a comprehensive modernisation together with the Fiba Group, which was successfully concluded in spring 2017.

One of the most striking architectural features of the M1 Adana shopping centre, which was designed by the renowned Spanish architecture firm L35, is its concept of being a space for shopping and city life.

In the future, everything will revolve around using what already exists. All shopping centres will have to adapt to changes and update their concepts and product ranges in order to remain in keeping with the times. Enduring success can only be guaranteed on the basis of change.

European Property Awards - Salice - Winner 2018-19

# M1 Adana was awarded the European Property Awards 2018-2019 in the 'Retail Development' category.

M1-Adana-Shopping Centre - setting benchmarks

The M1 Adana shopping centre now comprises 187 shops of national and international brands spread across approximately 87.500 m2. It boasts a future-oriented shopping concept that masterfully brings together indoor and outdoor areas. The shops, cafés and restaurants inside the centre are supplied with maximum daylight and fresh air, and there is direct access from them to large green spaces, terraces, promenades and play areas outside. Following the modernisation, there is approximately 20,000 m2 of outdoor space for relaxation, leisure and entertainment. The next generation of shopping centres has been developed in Adana – a fascinating shopping and living space for our tenants, shopkeepers and the people of Adana.

Facts and figures

  • Expansion to 87,500 m² and 187 Shops
  • Mix of national and international brands from various sectors
  • Shopping and Entertainment