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METRO Campus of the future

We are responding to worldwide rapid urban growth by optimally and sustainably integrating our locations into the cities of tomorrow – with concepts that provide innovative solutions in response to demographic transitions along with changing environmental conditions, work surroundings and lifestyles. In a world with increasingly flexible ways of living, we provide spaces where people can meet and enjoy life.

We intend to pave the way for these approaches with an open urban design competition. Our basic idea is to use the urban restructuring of the METRO Campus area to create a diversified and lively urban district with an attractive mix of innovative living and working space. It will be a city within the city, in the heart of the Düsseldorf metropolitan region, with the international headquarters of METRO AG right at its centre. This will feature a sustainable mixture of uses, including the METRO administration, residential uses, retail, restaurants, services and leisure, combined with highly attractive open spaces.

The district is to be predominantly car-free and characterised by well-designed public parks and spaces. This will allow METRO to make a valuable contribution to society and show how economic, ecological and social objectives can all be successfully combined.

Working in close cooperation with the Landeshauptstadt Düsseldorf, we are committed to collaborative processes, participation and the acceptance of all players and stakeholders.

Annika Gründel

A prime location with outstanding prospects for development

Düsseldorf is an attractive city. There has been an ongoing influx of new residents to the state capital of North Rhine-Westphalia. The demand for urban residential and commercial properties far exceeds the limited available inner-city space.

The METRO Campus is an institution that has evolved over decades in the Grafenberg district of Düsseldorf. Its location between the city centre, Grafenberg Forest, Düsseltal and Flingern makes the area unique. When it was purchased in 1967, the site was still in an industrial area on the outskirts of the city; today, decades later, it has become an inner-city location. From an urban planning and property management perspective, the location has enormous potential for development. Our METRO Campus comprises 9.2 ha of space that could be used for alternative purposes.

Urban design competition for a future vision

In cooperation with the Landeshauptstadt Düsseldorf, METRO PROPERTIES has launched a 2-phase urban design competition involving national and international architecture and urban planning offices. In the first phase, a jury of experts will select the best 5 designs, which will then be further elaborated in a second, more in-depth phase.

In June 2021, the winner of the competition will be selected by a jury of experts consisting of representatives of METRO PROPERTIES and Düsseldorf politicians and public officials.

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With the urban design competition, we are calling on architects and urban developers to develop ideas for the integration of living and working space, retail, restaurants, leisure and local recreation into the design of the METRO Campus of the future. The vision is to create a diversified and lively urban district in the heart of the Düsseldorf metropolitan region.

Stefan Herbert

Oliver Borg
Oliver Borg

Director Project Development & Region Germany, METRO PROPERTIES