The Market Hall Braunschweig

The new Markthalle Brunswick - variety, freshness and enjoyment

Following the success of Krefeld, the next Real store is being converted into a market hall during ongoing operations - this time in Brunswick. The entire appearance of the store is being adapted to the new 'Markthalle' concept. The project is being carried out in stages, with the individual parts of the development being turned over to Real and its customers successively as they are finished. The new look will recall that of a traditional market hall.

In addition to its architectural reorientation, the location is distinguished by an expanded range of services. With its handcrafted culinary specialities, the Markthalle Braunschweig offers theme restaurants in the traditional market hall character. The development offers customers a new world of shopping in a pleasurable setting, with a focus on freshness, quality and variety.

The façade is being given a new look and the outdoor area with culinary offerings is being redesigned for customers.

Real estate plays a central role in creating added value in food retailing. From project development to realisation, as well as in acquisition and real estate placement, we have a professional partner at our side with METRO PROPERTIES. We plan to intensify this cooperation, especially in complex projects.