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METRO PROPERTIES has been divided into two business units with different strategic focus since 01 December 2022: Wholesale Real Estate and Mall & Highstreet.

The Wholesale Real Estate business unit focuses on activities with strategic relevance for METRO's wholesale business and the implementation of METRO's sCore growth strategy.  This includes the development of intelligent solutions in the areas of delivery / Food Service Distribution (FSD), future-oriented location acquisitions and innovative energy management. Another focus is on the implementation of urban, high-quality project and district developments with attractive gastronomy and hospitality concepts. 

METRO PROPERTIES Mall & Highstreet is the independent business unit that emerged from METRO PROPERTIES and combines all retail and non-wholesale real estate activities of METRO in Germany, Poland and Turkey. With the aim of creating a value-optimised exit, the team operates a portfolio of high-quality properties that has been built up over the years and is leased to third-party tenants.

Management Board of the Wholesale Real Estate business unit

Jürgen Schwarze, Chief Executive Officer

Jürgen Schwarze has been managing director and CFO of METRO PROPERTIES since January 2013. He joined what was formerly METRO GROUP in September 2008 as Senior Vice President. After 3 years as Head of Group Audit and Advisory, Forensics and Security, he assumed the position of Chief Executive Officer of METRO Cash & Carry UK in 2011, where he oversaw the implementation of a comprehensive restructuring plan and then prepared and successfully saw through the sale of the company upon completion of the restructuring.

Prior to this, he was head of Strategic Planning at Haniel, a German family-equity company and a key METRO shareholder. Jürgen Schwarze began his career as a management consultant and as Senior Manager for Restructuring and Reorganisation at PricewaterhouseCoopers and Ernst & Young.

Areas of responsibility

  • High Value Projects – Transactions
  • Portfolio Management, Valuation & Research
  • Legal
  • HR
Jürgen Schwarze

Jürgen Schwarze

Nils Kulmann, Chief Financial Officer

Nils Kulmann started his career at METRO AG in March 2008 as Head of Strategic Planning / Innovation. In November 2013, he joined the real estate company METRO PROPERTIES as Head of Corporate Development, followed by responsibility for Portfolio & Investment Management, before taking on the position of Vice President Region Europe in November 2015.

Before joining METRO, Nils Kulmann managed strategic projects for clients in the retail and industrial goods sectors at the strategic management consultancy The Boston Consulting Group and worked in the strategy division of Haniel.

Areas of responsibility

  • Asset Management
  • Energy Management
  • Real Estate Finance & Accounting
  • Real Estate Mergers & Acquisitions
Nils Kulmann

Nils Kulmann

Oliver Borg, Chief Operating Officer

Oliver Borg started his career at METRO PROPERTIES in October 2005 in the Project Development department. He took over the responsibility as Head of Corporate Project Development and Region Germany METRO PROPERTIES in January 2012 and finally the position Vice President Project Development & Region Germany in April 2015.

Oliver Borg started his career in 2011 at Drees & Sommer, a consulting firm with strong specialisation and expertise in project management as well as complex construction projects and developments.

Areas of responsibility

  • High Value Projects – Real Estate Development
  • Operative Technical Solutions & Sustainability
  • Studio / Conceptual Design & Planning / Marketing
Oliver Borg

Oliver Borg

Management Board of the Mall & Highstreet business unit

Dr Christian Gatzki

Dr. Christian Gatzki

Dr Christian Gatzki (Vorsitzender) / Chief Restructuring Officer

Dr Christian Gatzki, formerly Director Operations METRO PROPERTIES Mall & Highstreet, has been appointed Chairman of the Management Board and Chief Restructuring Officer of METRO PROPERTIES Mall & Highstreet as of 01.02.2024.

Christian started his career at METRO in August 1997 and held various positions at Tip, Extra, Real and METRO GROUP Asset Management Turkey. In July 2010, he moved to METRO PROPERTIES, where he also held various positions, including Head of Corporate Real Estate Valuation & Data Intelligence and Vice President Accounting & Business Services, before assuming his current position in January 2023.

Areas of responsibility

  • Asset Enhancement & Marketing
  • Asset Management
  • Central Services
  • Commercial & Technical Property Management
  • Governance & Transformation
  • People and Culture + Works Council
  • PR & Internal Communications

Oliver Steinert

Oliver Steinert

Oliver Steinert / Director Finance

Oliver Steinert, previously Vice President Real Estate Finance METRO PROPERTIES, has been appointed Director Finance METRO PROPERTIES Mall & Highstreet, reporting to Dr Christian Gatzki.

Oliver started his career at METRO AG in February 2006 in the Investor Relations department and was appointed Head of Corporate Investor Relations in October 2010. In February 2013, Oliver moved to METRO PROPERTIES as Head of Corporate Real Estate Finance. One year later, he was appointed Director Real Estate Finance METRO PROPERTIES Germany, before assuming his current position in April 2015.

Areas of responsibility

  • Accounting
  • Balance Reporting
  • Business Technology & Solutions
  • Real Estate Controlling
  • Risk & Process Management
  • METRO PROPERTIES Poland & Turkey