Building for the future

We promote this development by incorporating our locations optimally and sustainably into the cities of the future. If the so-called megacities are to house up to 10 million people by 2030, concepts are called for that will deliver innovative solutions in response to demographic change and changing work environments and lifestyle habits.


Mixed use as a future-oriented model

What shape will living and working take in the future and where will this take place? Mixed-use concepts are an answer to changing living conditions in an urban context. In growing cities in China, Turkey, Russia or India, METRO PROPERTIES focuses on bringing various functions and areas of life together under one roof.

This includes the areas of retail, residential space, offices, hotels and entertainment. The combination of horizontal commercial space with residential and office space results in the development of new centres - 'cities within cities'.

Mixed-use concepts aren't just an economically successful model - in a world of increasingly flexible lifestyles, they also contribute to community building. As such, they play an important part in the urban development of modern megacities.

The mixed-use model concepts reflect urban diversity. Living, working, leisure activities, lifestyle and retail – everything is gathered together under one roof or in one neighbour-hood, offering attractive new prospects for operators and users.