We want what’s best for every property

we use active and strategic portfolio management to sustainably enhance their value. Our successful concepts are founded on transparent documentation that highlights the development potential of each property: should we invest, should we keep the property in the portfolio or should we sell it? Our retail and capital market experts ensure that each and every property generates the best possible return for its investors.

Our team manages the entire process

  • Identifying and making the most of potential early on
  • Analysis of the real estate cycle and strategic focus
  • Transparent documentation as a basis for decision-making
  • Planning and execution of all measures
  • Drafting rental agreements and leases
  • A guarantee of sustainable value enhancement

We seek to sustainably optimise METRO AG's real estate portfolio. To achieve this, we, METRO PROPERTIES, plan, manage and implement all the value-enhancing measures.

Asset Management Center and Leasing Management - leasing concepts for successful locations


Our Leasing Management team stands for local strategies, tailored concepts and interactions with the tenants which are based on partnership. Our specialists develop bespoke leasing concepts for all types of real estate, with the focus in particular on shopping locations. As experienced retail experts, we speak the same language as the property users and create the perfect parameters for each location. A key factor here is attractive services. We therefore see to it that there is the right balance of tenants and sectors, and get the lease agreements off the ground.

Successful locations call for a clear vision. It takes strong partners to turn a vision into reality.

Retail park specialists


MEC METRO-ECE Centermanagement GmbH & Co. KG is Germany's leading management company for centres oriented towards speciality stores. The METRO and ECE subsidiary is responsible for the integrated management of currently more than 55 retail parks. Its comprehensive array of services includes property management, centre management, leasing management and development.

As an experienced service provider, MEC METRO-ECE Centermanagement has developed standards and tools that set it apart from other operators and which offer its investors clear added value - intelligently and with an eye on the costs.


The locations in Germany

  • More than 55 retail parks
  • Total market value (AUM) of €3.4 billion
  • 1,100 tenants
  • 1.6 million m2 of rental space
  • €3.2 billion in retail sales

Asset Management Wholesale - optimum revenues for our real estate


Our core discipline is traditional asset management. We focus here on the group's own real estate portfolio: METRO Deutschland's wholesale stores and METRO AG's administrative offices and logistics real estate. The aim is to achieve value enhancement all along the value chain.

In the area of in-house real estate consulting, we handle the rental agreement negotiations, seek out suitable building space and analyse which synergies would have the best possible impact on the locations.

Asset Management Retail - making the most of development potential


As the owner of the real estate portfolio, we consider a location's potential and identify all the options that could result in sustainable value enhancement.

A highly qualified team looks into the best possible solutions and examines the cost-effectiveness of the conceivable actions. Decisions are made on the basis of concepts that take into account what makes each location unique and special.

We are responsible for around 95 retail properties and analyse each location with the same degree of meticulousness, bearing in mind a location's individual character.