METRO PROPERTIES CEO Jean-Christophe Bretxa talks about retail real estate in Across Magazine

13 January 2020

METRO AG's real estate company has many years of expertise in the field of retail real estate. In the article entitled "20+20 = 40 – Millennials dominate", the CEO of METRO PROPERTIES explains the status quo of this asset class, shares his experience and reports on trends as well as future challenges.

Jean Christoph Bretxa, CEO of METRO PROPERTIES

“In 2020, millennials will represent the dominant customer group for retail in terms of number as well as purchasing power. Our industry cannot afford to ignore them, even though they are challenging the traditional model, which was designed for baby boomers. It is not too late to adapt”, says Jean-Christophe Bretxa.

You can read the full article in the Across Magazine (English only):