Düsseldorf, Am Albertussee - a METRO PROPERTIES success story

08 October 2019Download

The former Horten headquarters "Am Albertussee" in Düsseldorf's Heerdt district on the left bank of the Rhine has been part of METRO PROPERTIES' real estate portfolio since the 1990s. The previously inanimate property has undergone an impressive development in recent years.

Brochure 'Albertussee Düsseldorf - A stort to be told'

In the spirit of "Driving Real Estate Value", METRO PROPERTIES has applied the competencies for which METRO AG's real estate company stands: future-oriented asset management, sustainable project development and a final successful transaction.

In the further development of the property, the METRO PROPERTIES team focused on topics of relevance to the state capital Düsseldorf. As early as 2017, METRO AG's real estate company therefore initiated an urban development competition for the site in cooperation with the state capital Düsseldorf. The aim was to develop an urban planning concept for the development of a residential quarter with a high standard of living and quality of life. The concept "Wohnen am Albertussee" takes into account the trend towards expanding space by specifically orienting itself towards the living spaces of tomorrow. As a result, METRO PROPERTIES accelerated the change from the asset class "Office" to "Living". Our experts have recognized, developed and realized the potential of the real estate - and thus assumed an important position in Düsseldorf's urban development in terms of concentration and urbanization.

"Our aim is not only to develop future-oriented solutions for wholesale locations, but also to create urban living spaces. For the Albertussee property, this means the further development of an office location into a residential quarter. The project shows that we create value across the entire spectrum of the real estate business. This is part of our sustainable real estate strategy", explains Jean-Christophe Bretxa, CEO METRO PROPERTIES.

Have you become curious? More information about the project can be found here, on our reference page Albertussee – visonary urban development and in the brochure "Albertussee Düsseldorf - A story to be told", which is available for download.