MAKRO Store Amsterdam - New Work City Concept

02 October 2019

Exchange, encounter, inspiration and community are the focus of a new concept study on the mixed-use area around the MAKRO store in Amsterdam, which shows what working and living in interaction with the wholesale business could look like in the year 2040.

Makro store Amsterdam – New Work City concept

The New Work City Concept is a mixed-use study that aims to combine different functions and areas of life in a vibrant, modern district. In this way, a multitude of synergies can be created by the various users giving each other impulses. The dense diversity of different disciplines creates inspiration and promotes a constant exchange through social and cultural heterogeneity in the emerging quarter. The concept study New Work City in Amsterdam was developed by METRO PROPERTIES Studio, Corporate Project Development.

More information can be found here, on our reference page "MAKRO Amsterdam - New Work City Concept".