METRO PROPERTIES CEO Jean-Christophe Bretxa talks about retail parks in the current issue 3/2019 of Across Magazine

25 September 2019Download

METRO AG's real estate company has many years of expertise in the field of retail parks. In the article entitled "Sleeping Beauty", the CEO of METRO PROPERTIES explains the status quo of this asset class, shares his experience and reports on trends and future developments.

Jean Christoph Bretxa, CEO of METRO PROPERTIES

For a long time, retail parks were regarded as unattractive asset classes. However, their image has improved steadily in recent years as they successfully resist online retailing due to their function as local suppliers. When asked about competition and synergies with online retailing, Jean-Christophe Bretxa referred to two important insights the company had gained over the past five years. On the one hand, the real estate company of METRO AG supports and promotes omni-channel approaches. On the other hand, online retailers would appreciate the increase in sales due to a stationary point of contact in the catchment area of the retail parks. This win-win situation for the parties involved leads to an increasing popularity of the shopping destinations among customers, tenants and investors.

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