METRO AG corporate headquarters receives BREEAM certification ‘Excellent’

15 July 2019

The corporate headquarters of METRO AG has been awarded a BREEAM certification. The office block received the rating ‘Excellent’ in the ‘Building’ category. METRO PROPERTIES presented the certificate to the Management Board of METRO AG during this year’s METRO Sustainability Day.

Heiko Hutmacher and Oliver Steinert are pleased about the excellent BREEAM certification

Heiko Hutmacher and Oliver Steinert are pleased about the excellent BREEAM certification

On 18 June, METRO employees celebrated the fifth METRO Sustainability Day at the METRO Campus in Düsseldorf as well as at a number of other locations in Germany and abroad. Heiko Hutmacher, Chief Human Resources Officer and Labour Director of METRO AG, and Oliver Steinert, Director Real Estate Finance, METRO PROPERTIES, kicked off Sustainability Day on the METRO Campus with the unveiling of the BREEAM certificate in the atrium of the METRO AG headquarters.

Heiko Hutmacher: ‘We embrace our social responsibility. Sustainable business is one of our Guiding Principles. As a company whose actions are in keeping with the times, we want to improve our life cycle assessment and meet the sustainability goals we have set for ourselves. This also applies to the renovation of our buildings and outlets – which is a part of what we consider right.’

Oliver Steinert: ‘The METRO AG headquarters project entailed the remodelling of an existing building. The result is truly amazing and we are thrilled to have achieved the distinction “Excellent”. The building’s BREEAM certification creates transparency and allows the targeted identification of improvement potential in the sustainable use of the property.’

Modern, innovative, open – METRO lives these values. In the course of the retail company’s transformation, the portfolio property has been modernised as the gateway to the headquarters. The real estate subsidiary METRO PROPERTIES was commissioned to carry out the project. Sustainability and the use of natural building materials played an important role in the planning of the project. For example, in the new corporate headquarters, the moss walls and the wood for the benches were sourced from an audited value chain. The materials used were required to meet the Business Social Compliance Initiative (BSCI) standard. The seal of quality guarantees adherence to the criteria of an ethical supply chain. Furthermore, the newly designed building includes features like water-saving taps and LED lighting systems with presence und daylight control. The planning also focused on aspects such as employee satisfaction and environmental protection. For the employees, attractive zones for communication and relaxation were created in the office building. Bee and insect hotels as well as bat houses were additionally installed on the METRO grounds.

BREEAM is the world’s leading sustainability assessment method for master-plan projects, infrastructure and buildings. It recognises and reflects the value of higher-efficiency assets throughout the life cycle of the built environment, from the construction of new buildings to their use and their modernisation. The BREEAM In-Use certificate is one of the most important instruments for the assessment of sustainable commercial construction in Europe.