How corona affects retail real estate and placemaking industry

08 April 2020

Renata Kinde-Czyz, Managing Director Region Poland, talks about the effects of Corona crisis on retail real estate and placemaking industry in the "ACROSS special issue Covid-19". In her expert commentary she explains the status quo of the Polish shopping center business combined with an outlook about post-crisis chances and challenges

Renata Kinde-Czyz, Managing Director Region Poland

Renata Kinde-Czyz, Managing Director Region Poland, METRO PROPERTIES

The Corona Virus is severe to the whole world's economy. In Poland with the close down of non-food stores, retail industry received a major hit. Its consequences are hard to foresee but it will have impact on the real estate industry in the future. People's safety, sustainability and variety of experience have gained a new dimension to be considered in the shopping places and placemaking in the future.

“Once this pandemic is over, our customers will be hungry for all that they were deprived of during the crisis. Brands and landlords need to be prepared to show that online shopping is just a substitute for the great experience you have while visiting shopping centers”, says Renata Kinde-Czyz.

The full article is avaiable at the across magazine (English only):

Leading position among the competition

M1 is among the most popular shopping brands in Poland. Despite ever-increasing competition, M1 leads the market with nearly 100% occupancy as well as in comparison very low maintenance and operating costs. The centers’ high sustainability standards have earned them excellent BREEAM certifications lately.

METRO PROPERTIES manages a total of 60 retail parks and shopping centers in Germany, Poland, and Turkey. Our joint venture MEC METRO-ECE Centermanagement GmbH & Co. KG is the leading company for the management of retail parks in Germany.

M1 Polish shopping center