METRO wholesale store in Komendantsky Prospekt in St Petersburg

Vibrant quarter: when wholesale and residential go together

METRO Russia has operated a successful wholesale store in Komendantsky Prospekt in St Petersburg since 2003. The site is located along the district’s central avenue, near many of the city’s attractions as well as a variety of public transport options. The area has undergone a metamorphosis in recent years. Formerly industrial in character, it has become an attractive neighbourhood featuring modern residential quarters, shopping malls and social infrastructure.

METRO PROPERTIES identified the potential of the location early on. As the site is adjacent to high-density residential areas and close to public transport lines, METRO PROPERTIES initiated a partial redevelopment of unused parking space.

Study your asset, define its position in its life cycle by understanding the evolution already realised and predict the future development of the surroundings. Afterwards, you just have to create an innovative concept and seize the opportunity to realise additional value for the community and our sales line.

Gündüz Bayer, Director Region Asia
Gündüz Bayer

The site is to be transformed into a mixed-use development next to the existing METRO store. It will reflect and reinterpret typical Russian housing complexes with a contemporary approach and will consequently enhance the attractiveness of the location. The project comprises several apartment blocks which are grouped and positioned so as to break up their linearity and open up views into the surroundings. The ground floor ‘plinth’ will be activated by retail, services and restaurants that serve the residents of the complex and the surrounding community.

The proposed mixed-use development will include 4 residential blocks, an office building and complementary retail and service functions. This project will add value to the neighbourhood with its outstanding and coherent architecture.

METRO PROPERTIES plans to team up with a reputable developer to realise the project. The existing METRO store will be retained without interference to business operations during the construction phase of the development.

Gündüz Bayer
Gündüz Bayer

Director Region Asia, METRO PROPERTIES