Makro store Amsterdam – New Work City concept

MAKRO store Amsterdam – New Work City concept

In the capital and most populous city of the Netherlands, good space is hard to find. So the MAKRO Store Amsterdam is a very promising site – it’s close to the centre, easily accessible and versatile.

The New Work City concept is a mixed-use solution that combines a wide range of different functions and areas of life into a vibrant, modern district. This enables a large number of synergies to emerge, as users inspire each other and new ideas form.


Visions for the future

A complete redesign of the site will take up to 20 years and requires forward-looking, flexible planning that takes account of present and future needs. The project will incorporate environmental, social and economic aspects in equal measure.

Welfare services – such as dietary advice for a healthy lifestyle, children’s day-care facilities, high-quality social spaces and support for new start-ups – build sustainable communities and an inspirational atmosphere, as do workshops and studios for co-working groups.

We believe in mixed-use concepts that create dynamic, authentic and sustainable locations for many different areas of life.

Nils Kulmann
Director Region Europe

From retail use to mixed use

Planned and built around 40 years ago on the edge of town as a car-centred site, intended exclusively for retail, only a fraction of the site’s potential is currently being used. In future, restaurants and food production, customised production and last-mile logistics and offices (classic offices and co-working spaces) and hotels can be based here, alongside modern wholesale stores.

Sharing, encounters, inspiration and community are the focus of the new mixed-use area in Amsterdam – a glimpse of how living and working might look in 2040.

The New Work City concept was designed by the Studio, Corporate Project Development team.

Nils Kulmann

The New Work City concept is based on 3 pillars

  • Mixing: a dense cluster of different disciplines generates cross-fertilisation of ideas
  • Diversity: a constant exchange through social and cultural heterogeneity
  • Function: specific functions are positioned to meet economic requirements
Nils Kulmann
Nils Kulmann

Director Region Europe, METRO PROPERTIES

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